In the cold weather, when beds are reasonably bare, it can come to be a great time to take into consideration stock of your garden’s structure. When we go over garden framework, we typically mean the precise evergreen garden and shrubs and long lasting hardscape components, these kinds of as rock walls. Together with this particular tale, we all will concentrate upon small structural parts associated with the backyard.

Via stately urns and fashionable obelisks to humbler yard trellises, birdbaths and archways, the inspiration and ornamental components of a backyard catch one’s eye much more in winter, whenever beds are quiet. Check out this list and after that a glance around your backyard. Could you see including one or more associated with these structural components in order to your landscape?


To think only concerning traditional garden gates when you’re looking to put visual interest to your current landscape. Here, Washington panorama designer Le jardinet applied a freestanding gateway to be able to add structure to a new soft landscape palette regarding ornamental grasses, dwarf pin and perennials. The portal – made of solid wood posts, thick rope in addition to metal arches – seems particularly beautiful in wintertime when edged with svale. In warmer months that could support garden raisin.

Metal monolith

Extended employed by English gardeners to incorporate structure to overflowing perennial borders and kitchen backyards, metal obelisks are merely as useful for incorporating interest to garden bedrooms off-season. Try inserting a new single obelisk in a bare garden bed or from the completed line regarding a new garden walkway to be able to work being a focal level.

Inside spring and summer, monoliths may be used to be able to prop up taller perennials (plant them in the particular middle of the obelisk) or can act as trellises for smaller-scale vines, such as dwarf sweet peas, sugars snap peas and jogger beans

Stone monolith

If you love the pyramidal condition without the trellis function, look regarding solid stone monolith in order to act as focal factors for garden bed plus patios. Here, Bill Mellett Design used a attractive stone obelisk attached to a new pillar to add elevation to a seasonal show of spring tulips in Santa Barbara, California. It would look elegant together with just the boxwood edging when the garden is bare in winter.


Framework a garden view or mark the transition of just one garden area to the particular next using a garden mid-foot. The modern metal arbors from TerraTrellis seen here provide a more modern day get on a traditional wood arbor and look stunning on their own or even draped in vines.


Significant birdbaths, such as those made of stone or concrete, can also help add visual weight to your garden, acting as focal points as well as friendly spots where birds can take a drop.

In her own home garden in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, landscape designer Hilarie Holdsworth used a stone birdbath with a recirculating fountain to mark the center of a formal parterre. Within spring, forget-me-nots fill in one of the evergreen boxwoods and billow over stone mattress edges, as shown here. In winter, the birdbath is emptied of drinking water and the fountain shut off, however the birdbath still appears as an attractive garden statue.

Wall Mounted Framework

Whilst we often look with regard to ways to make framework disappear from view, these pretty painted frames provide another approach. In warm seasons the colorful trellis rims frame the vines, while in bare months the color is the welcome conjunction with an otherwise blank fence.

Frame Supports

Framed and pleached wood trees, that are trained into different styles on a frame, may be surprisingly attractive in winter gardens. In this particular snow-dusted London backyard, the pleached hornbeam conditioned to a horizontal wood trellis forms a division between two garden areas and provides height and visual curiosity whether or not it’s leafed out.

Metal Spheres

These types of simple, classic metal orbs fit in with the range of garden designs and provide interest 365 days a year. Here, they add a bit of whimsy in the particular graveled front yard of a low-water garden in North California’s wine country developed by Katharine Webster.

Stone Scultures

Landscape designer Donald Pell shows us another idea regarding garden sculpture with this particular winter view in Pennsylvania. A slightly curved pyramid of dark and russet-colored stones gives weight in order to garden beds in wintertime and forms a darkish backdrop for perennials within warmer months.